We use your vision to catapult your message from concept to delivery. Our methods transform our clients into robust storytellers, delivering messages that have lasting impact, in the right place, at the right time. Connecting speakers and visionaries with their stakeholders and the communities they serve is what we do best.

Photo by microgen/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by microgen/iStock / Getty Images

The noise from 24-hour news networks and fast-paced social media, makes it imperative to distinguish your message from others in your field. Before an appearance in the public eye, we clarify focus points and teach our clients how to be comfortable and in command of their message delivery.


Storytelling is at the heart of what we do. ITPE has produced, coached, and scheduled seven TEDx Talks all over the country, spreading our client’s ideas and elevating their standing as thought leaders. The most compelling arguments for change are forged from personal experience and polished by our team.


A great keynote speaker is relaxed, confident, articulate, and demonstrates their role as a thought-leader. Our workshops and writing sessions are designed to grant our clients the ability to convey their message in a powerful and inspiring manner. Before the board, media, or an audience of thousands, we will make sure that you are comfortable in the public eye.


Testimony before a legislative body is designed to provide evidence or proof of a matter of importance to the nation or a local community. We understand the magnitude and stress which comes with testifying. Our leading researchers and writers work closely with our clients to assemble pertinent information which builds powerful opening remarks and allows for a robust Q&A session.


Our full-stack communications strategy includes:

• Community Engagement • Small/Disadvantaged Business Outreach and Monitoring •Social Media Campaigns • Message Development • Presentation Training • Media Training • Event Planning