WE get you ready



Conveying what you know in a short media interview can be daunting. The lights, a reporter or on a panel can make it difficult to be assured and quick on your feet with answers. Our media training sessions help you to feel comfortable and in command of your message delivery. From attire, eye contact and phrases that encapsulate your signature point of view, we make you microphone and camera ready.




 WE energize YOUR mission



Great campaigns convert intention into action. Our team works with each client to fundamentally understand their vision, point of view, and goals in order to best engage their audience. We are experts at refining your message and delivering the results through outlets as conventional as social media and to groups as specialized as Congress. Our message development strategies create persuasive, concise, and effective stories that shape public opinion.




WE share your ideas



Ideas worth sharing come from all walks of life. One of the most respected formats for new ideas is TED. For our clients, we comb the TEDx universe to locate optimal venues and themes to showcase their ideas on the big stage. We start by guiding clients through the TED application process. Once accepted, we provide direction in writing the finest Talk and training to deliver a superior presentation. Click here to watch our seven TEDx speakers.




WE amplify your Voice



We craft memorable keynote addresses. We work with each client to craft and edit written material, and provide the training to improve delivery, diction, stage presence, and movement. Our training includes time-tested breathing and relaxation techniques, as well as special tools for eye contact, gesturing, and connecting to the audience.







The magnitude of testimony before a legislative body requires the best of research, word-crafting, and delivery. Once assigned the task of writing testimony for a hearing, ITPE assigns leading researchers and writers to work closely with the client to assemble the pertinent information for the opening remarks and talking points during the Q&A session. With due diligence, we construct a written testimony that illuminates your vision and builds trust. Once the written testimony is approved, we stage a ‘mock’ hearing to prepare the speaker(s) for a drilling by the legislative body. We provide you with the material and training necessary for an impactful testimony.




 We do it all



For the biggest projects, our clients rely on our team to launch a dynamic campaign encompassing a combination of our services.

  • Community Engagement

  • Small/Disadvantaged Business Outreach and Monitoring

  • Social Media Campaigns

  • Message Development

  • Presentation Training

  • Media Training

  • Event Planning