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Joia Jefferson Nuri

CEO, In the Public Eye Communications

“The second impression anyone has of you is how you speak. The first is how you look and dress. In less than 30 seconds, people have formed an opinion of you,”’ says Joia Jefferson Nuri.

Joia has spent decades perfecting her speech and diction as a reporter, news anchor, talk show host, and international keynote speaker. Today Joia’s focus is an Executive Public Speaking Coach. Pulling from her own experience, Joia created a public speaking curriculum that helps willing students on a TED stage, in a Boardroom, or before the media. She has coached more than 50 C-Suite executives and scheduled, written, and coached nine TEDx Talks. She has also written and coached Congressional and City Council testimony. In Vienna, Austria, Joia delivered the keynote address before 53 nations at the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe meeting. 

One of her early clients was the Institute for Policy Studies, the nation’s oldest progressive think tank. There she met actor/activist Harry Belafonte and Danny Glover and spent a decade creating communications strategies for their human rights work.

Joia’s media career began at NBC News as one of the first women hired as a technician. Joia then moved to CBS where she became the first African American woman to serve as Technical Director for CBS Evening News and Face the Nation. Joia has worked as a senior producer and substitute host on PBS and NPR stations and 
C-SPAN. Joia was also a political analyst on News One Now with Roland Martin, WRC-TV and SiriusXM radio.

Awards and Accomplishments

  • Emmy Award, Television News Coverage, WRC-TV

  • Delivered Keynote Address before the OSCE in Vienna, Austria

  • Event Planner for two Obama Inaugural Balls, 2009 & 2013

  • Corporation for Public Broadcasting Award for Programming Excellence

  • Judge for the Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Human Rights Award

  • Spirit Award, Pacifica Radio Network 


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Dominiqua Eldridge

Graphic Artist/Designer

Dominiqua is a skilled graphic artist/designer with 5+ years of experience. While working with In the Public Eye, she builds electronic press kits, websites, and annual reports for clients. She also redesigned the company’s logo in 2019. She converted a 25-year-old design into one that meets today’s standards for color, creativity and visibility. She also provides professional print and digital materials for social media and events. Her work is balanced, clean, cohesive, colorful, and detailed. It is important for her to bring the vision of each client to life in a creative way.


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India Tisdale

Researcher and Project Assistant

India Tisdale is a proficient project researcher.  Working with ITPE for nearly ten years, India's ability to produce in-depth findings has enhanced TEDx Talks, testimony and keynote addresses. A master planner, she has assisted with the design and execution of Presidential Inaugural Galas, conferences, and press events.