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Ideas worth sharing come from all walks of life. Ideas that we have helped to share on the TED stage are making a difference around the world.


Ambassador Robin Sanders

Robin Sanders, PhD. is a former U.S. Ambassador to Nigeria and Republic of the Congo. In her TEDx Talks she discusses human cultural expressions in remote communities and her personal experience with the declining cultural patterns in many close communities.

Adrianne Todman

Adrianne Todman became Executive Director of the District of Columbia Housing Authority in 2009. In her talk, she focused on the importance of having a "stable address" and how public housing can change someone's life.


Rashid Nuri

Rashid Nuri built local food economies in over 35 countries, including Southeast Asia and West Africa. He now lends his experience to building the New American city, promoting good nutrition, health and economic development. In his TEDx presentation he claims, The Solution is in the Soil.

In his second TED Talk, Rashid continued to advance his vision for local food economies. He described his work in the Atlanta New Food Movement, building the city’s premier urban farm. He now guides the next generation of builders, promoting community building through local food production.


Elizabeth White

Elizabeth White is an author and aging solutions advocate for older adults facing uncertain work and financial insecurity. She discusses the ways in which the economics of aging have forced older Americans to abandon dreams of launching fulfilling second and third act careers to take part-time, low wage jobs to pay the bills.

Pamela Ferrell

After being fired because of her hairstyle, Pamela Ferrell became a hair expert by default. She created a movement to help people embrace and love their hair in order to change discriminating hair policies in the workplace. Her TEDX Talk is: ‘What does the shape of your hair says about you?’


Naheem Watson

Words are weapons, and according to Naheem Watson, until we, as a society, realize this and make moves to change, we are risking dangerous societal consequences. When it comes to instances or topics that involved gender, race, or both, many times the perspective and existence of someone can be put in jeopardy, simply by the words one uses. Naheem Watson challenges us all to make the life-altering decision to transcend our vocabulary to a more open and inclusive point, thus pushing our society into a greater future.

Joia Jefferson Nuri

Joia is the Founder and CEO In the Public Eye Communications. Before starting the company, she worked in network and local news rooms. The media has changed a lot over the past 20 years. Joia wonders if it has moved away from its Constitutional mandate in her TEDx Talk entitled, ‘A Reimagined Fourth Estate.’